EU car sales are up, longterm, the market is trending down

Next exit Andorra

Next exit Andorra

February new car registrations are out, published by EU auto manufacturer umbrella organization ACEA. EU passenger car registrations were up 7.3 percent for the month, again mostly driven by a re-awakening South (Spain +26.1 percent, Italy +13.2 percent). Germany (+6.6 percent) and France (+4.5 percent) finally show a little life. [Continue Reading]

Peak cars?

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You may not notice it in the U.S. , where auto sales are heading towards pre-carmageddon heights, but globally, automakers are slowing down. With the exception of the U.S., auto markets around the world have either cooled of, or are downright miserable. Global automakers are adjusting their plans. [Continue Reading]

Japanese new car market closes the year on an up note. Keis surprise


The Japanese new car market closed the year on an up note. The year 2014 ended up 3.5 percent to 5,562,887 units registered in Japan January through December. December sales across all segments were up 2.1 percent. This according to consolidated data reported by Japanese industry associations.

Executive summary: The big JDM implosion did not happen. [Continue Reading]

Japan’s January car sales best since 1997 – will deflate when new taxes kick in

Honda HQ in Tokyo

Honda HQ in Tokyo

Auto sales in Japan surged 29.4 percent year-on-year as consumers race to lock-in lower taxes. In April, the country’s sales tax rate will go to 8 percent from 5 percent, causing a boomlet as purchases of high ticket items such as cars, houses, and jewelry are pulled forward. [Continue Reading]

October car sales up 2.3 percent in Germany

Ger October

New car registrations in Germany, Europe’s largest car market, rose 2.3 percent in October, Germany’s Kraftfahrtbundesamt says. [Continue Reading]

Japanese new car sales up 17.4 percent in October

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Powered by a rebounding Japanese economy, and most of all by car buyers who want to beat the sales tax rise coming in April 2014, the Japanese new car market was up a strong 17.3 percent in October,  data of the Japan Automobile Dealers Association and the Japan Mini Vehicles Association show.

Sales of regular vehicles and those of mini vehicles rose in tandem, both up more than 17 percent. Sales of Honda were up nearly 50 percent. Complete data are here.

Turn-around or dead cat bounce? EU car market up in September

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EU passenger car sales were up 5.4 percent in September, a welcome change from the persistent downtrend. However, it isn’t so much the “Spanish surge that fuels EU car sales,” as the Financial Times writes. [Continue Reading]

You think EU car sales are bad? They will get worse, much worse


European car sales are having the worst year ever recorded, says the EU auto manufacturer association ACEA. Sales are set to be down for the sixth straight year. The EU, formerly the world’s largest car market, is a distant third after China and the U.S.A. Many hopes and projections are pinned on a turn-around. But will the EU auto market turn around?  I don’t think so, and here is why.
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