Did Carlos Ghosn blame Detroit for #dieselgate exploitation? The Times was fooled, we have the real letter

Carlos Ghosn Tokyo - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Does Renault-Nissan’s dual-CEO Carlos Ghosn blame America for using #dieselgate as a pretext for an attack on the EU car industry? Ghosn wrote a letter to EU trade ministers, the letter made it into the London Times (paywall), where it triggered the headline “US accused of raid on ‘superior’ European diesels to save its own.” The Dailykanban has the backstory. [Continue Reading]

Ghosn says car of the future will be zero emission, connected, self-driving, and developed in India

Carlos Ghosn  Japan Chamber of Commerce -25- Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Global carmakers need to change their plodding ways, and embrace “massive change of our products,” Renault and Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said today. “The car has seen rapid change in the past ten years,” Ghosn told leaders of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry today in Tokyo. “Let me tell you, the car five to ten years down the road is going to be much more different from the one today.” [Continue Reading]

The Chinese car market, explained for mere mortals. By Carlos Ghosn

Carlos Ghosn Yokohama 051315 -14- Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt.

It has become fashionable to talk about troubles in the Chinese car market, and it is done so unhindered by the fact that a formerly red-hot Chinese car market simply turned into a cozily growing car market. 5 percent growth still will turn 23 million into 24 million. Today, I finally met an expert who was able to explain the Chinese car market to mere mortals. The expert’s name was Carlos Ghosn, and I met him today at Nissan’s annual results conference. “The numbers coming out of China are confusing,” Ghosn conceded. “They are confusing for you, and they even are confusing for us.”

Then, Ghosn took the time to deconfuse the Chinese car market: [Continue Reading]