Bonus $$$TSLA story: Tesla finally catches up with technology, will have satnav in China, some time next year. Supplier: The Chinese government


Half a year ago, we brought you the story that in China, a market crucial to $$$TSLA’s success, buyers of Tesla’s $100,000 cars have to make do without built-in satellite navigation, because, duh, that huge display in the Model S talks to Google, and Google is blocked in China. Finally, Tesla will have a solution. Some time next year. [Continue Reading]

Red haired Dutchman opens a window into China’s wild and sexy car culture

China Girl Volkswagen - Picture courtesy

Despite being the world’s largest, the Chinese car market is largely a mystery in other parts of the world. Chinese automakers have yet to appreciate the necessity of casting a global image. Large international OEMs like to talk about Chinese sales numbers, and not much else. Leave it to a handful of English language car blogs to keep us informed of what is going on behind the Chinese wall. One of them,, even treats the symptoms of yellow fever. [Continue Reading]