China NEV Weekly, Episode 3: Electric sports cars, electric Trucks

Welcome to Episode 3 of the China NEV Weekly, where we look at the latest New Energy Vehicles from China. Today with electric sports cars, trendy electric minis, and big electric trucks. Yes, trucks. Been there, done that.

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China NEV Weekly, episode 2: Blue is the new green in red China

China NEV Weekly

Welcome to Episode 2 of the China NEV Weekly, where we look at the latest New Energy Vehicles from China. While Tesla fans may have to wait years for their Model 3, there rarely is a week without new EVs, cranked-out by bustling Chinese OEMs. This week in CNW: NextEV goes downmarket, an (oh, dear) electric coffee car, EVs for less than the (possibly expiring) federal tax credit, and blue is the new green, also in red China.

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Bonus $$$TSLA story: Tesla finally catches up with technology, will have satnav in China, some time next year. Supplier: The Chinese government


Half a year ago, we brought you the story that in China, a market crucial to $$$TSLA’s success, buyers of Tesla’s $100,000 cars have to make do without built-in satellite navigation, because, duh, that huge display in the Model S talks to Google, and Google is blocked in China. Finally, Tesla will have a solution. Some time next year. [Continue Reading]

Red haired Dutchman opens a window into China’s wild and sexy car culture

China Girl Volkswagen - Picture courtesy

Despite being the world’s largest, the Chinese car market is largely a mystery in other parts of the world. Chinese automakers have yet to appreciate the necessity of casting a global image. Large international OEMs like to talk about Chinese sales numbers, and not much else. Leave it to a handful of English language car blogs to keep us informed of what is going on behind the Chinese wall. One of them,, even treats the symptoms of yellow fever. [Continue Reading]