China NEV Weekly, Episode 4: Pickup Your BingGo

China NEV Weekly

Welcome to Episode 3 of the China NEV Weekly, where we look at the latest New Energy Vehicles from China. This week with pickup trucks, a Hozon, and we are going to play bingo!

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China NEV Weekly, Episode 3: Electric sports cars, electric Trucks

Welcome to Episode 3 of the China NEV Weekly, where we look at the latest New Energy Vehicles from China. Today with electric sports cars, trendy electric minis, and big electric trucks. Yes, trucks. Been there, done that.

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Tesla fans: Study Ford’s China joint venture very carefully

Send in the clones: Zotye’s Macan left, Porsche’s Macan right – Pictures

Hopping on the Chinese EV bandwagon, and trying to comply with looming tough EV mandates in China, U.S. carmaker Ford has signed a joint venture agreement with Zotye Auto to make low-cost electric cars in China. Investors in Californian carmaker Tesla should closely study this agreement.

The jointly produced cars won’t be sold as Ford cars, but under “a new brand,” Ford group vice president Peter Fleet told Reuters. Why would Ford give up the strong brand cachet it has, and embark on the long, arduous, and expensive schlep to build a new brand nobody has ever heard of? Simple answer: [Continue Reading]

China NEV Weekly, episode 2: Blue is the new green in red China

China NEV Weekly

Welcome to Episode 2 of the China NEV Weekly, where we look at the latest New Energy Vehicles from China. While Tesla fans may have to wait years for their Model 3, there rarely is a week without new EVs, cranked-out by bustling Chinese OEMs. This week in CNW: NextEV goes downmarket, an (oh, dear) electric coffee car, EVs for less than the (possibly expiring) federal tax credit, and blue is the new green, also in red China.

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China To Automakers: “Make EVs, Or Die.”


China is putting a gun to the heads of its automakers. “By 2018,” the Wall Street Journal reported today, electric vehicles “must account for 8% of the maker’s production, and the percentage will rise from there.” Before the news are tweeted around the world, please note that the Journal is a bit ahead of its times. Currently, the rules are still in draft form, and a lot can change before the final regs are handed down. One thing is clear however: China’s government is forcing the electrification of its own auto industry, and quite literally so, as the bulk of China’s auto manufacturers are state-owned, in one way or the other. Message from Beijing: Make electric cars, or die. “Chinese state media has trumpeted the regulations as essentially barring car makers that don’t have new-energy capabilities,” the Wall Street Journal wrote.

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Apple Invests In Didi, Gets A Share Of My Chinese Driver Matthias


“You have didi?”

That was asked by Matthias, my driver of many years during my times in Bejing, China. A few weeks ago, Matthias picked me up at Beijing’s airport, and I was shocked. During my times in China, locals of the female persuasion had taught me that in Beijing slang, “didi” stands for the male appendage, and now my formerly trusted driver wanted to know whether I had one?

“Excuse me? Shenme?

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DailyKanban Behind The Great Firewall of China


DailyKanban’s Bertel Schmitt is headed to Beijing for the auto show, and will not be posting daily news briefs for the next few days while stuck behind the Great Firewall. While he is away gathering the latest news from the world’s largest car market, you can stay up to date on the latest by following E.W. Niedermeyer on Twitter.

1 second analysis: Who is most exposed to the Chinese contagion?


The Chinese new car market, good for rapid growth for nearly a decade, suddenly went negative. Early indicators show that the decline continues. Who will be most hit if/when the China market turns real sour? [Continue Reading]