PSA: Google Translate sucks at Tesla accident analysis


Last Wednesday, a Tesla Model S rear-ended a bus on the German Autobahn. Usually, no-one would take note, but because it was a Tesla, the crash created, and still creates headlines. Naturally, most original news report are in German. The urge to use Google Translate is great. Pro tip: Don’t do it. Staying away from doing armchair accident analysis via Google Translate will help you avoid stupid mistakes such as that of, which, after running a German police report through the online translator, came to the following misguided conclusion:

“But, basically, it appears that a bus simply sideswiped a car, while the latter happened to be operating in a semi-autonomous capacity.“

Not true at all. As a public service, the Dailykanban provides a true translation of the police report. See yourself whether the bus sideswiped the Model S. [Continue Reading]