#Dieseldämmerung: Reveal of industry-wide diesel cheating impending, sources claim

Emission testing - Picture courtesy Bloomberg.com

In one or two weeks’ time, a sudden end will come to the much communicated story that diesel cheating is an isolated matter, only performed by criminals at Volkswagen. Dailykanban received information that in one or two weeks, a number of other automakers will be exposed as diesel cheaters. A Volkswagen problem will turn into an industry-wide systemic problem, and it could very well be the beginning of the end of diesel-powered cars. [Continue Reading]

Despite Barra’s Denials, GM Diesel Test Results Indicate VW-Style Cheating


We’ve suspected for some time that more automakers would be caught up in the Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal, and the first new perpetrator has apparently been identified: General Motors. GM CEO Mary Barra’s insists that VW-style software cheating on emissions tests “is not a condition that exists in our vehicles,”  but the German environmental group Umwelthilfe has sponsored tests that throw that claim into serious doubt [English press release in PDF format here].

In testing of the Opel Zafira 1.6 CDTi, performed at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, GM’s diesel engine passed NEDC cycle NOx tests performed on a two-wheel (single-axle) rolling road but emitted two to four times the Euro6 limit for NOx when the same test was performed on a four-wheel rolling road. This strongly indicates that a software “test mode” exists for this engine, although Opel insists that “The software developed by GM does not contain any features that can detect whether the vehicle is being subjected to an emissions test.” But, says International Transport Advisor Axel Friedrich,  “I have no normal, technically plausible explanation for the emission behavior of the Opel vehicle.”

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VW diesel debacle: Shenanigans in 11 million engines, stock crashes, WiKo in peril



Volkswagen’s diesel debacle is going global. As expected yesterday, the defeat device is a worldwide problem, and not just the work of a rogue U.S. engineer. Volkswagen confirmed today that the software is in most of Volkswagen’s diesel engines, but that it usually is dormant. In 11 million cars with the EA 189 engine, the defeat device is very active. [Continue Reading]

VW’s Diesel Shenanigans: Bigger headaches yet to come

Winterkorn BJ3- Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Volkswagen may have to pay an $18 billion fine for its emissions shenanigans, and a good chunk of the hypothetical punishment was already exerted. This morning, the Volkswagen share was down 22 percent, Volkswagen’s shareholders received a $14 billion haircut. The matter raises a few questions, like, what took the EPA so long? And, is this just the prelude to a nuclear meltdown of a few large EU car makers? And, of course: “Is Piech behind all that?” [Continue Reading]

Toyota shatters own thermal efficiency goals with new diesel mill

Toyota diesel engine reveal - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

If you think diesel engine, the name Toyota doesn’t necessarily leap to mind. Appearance can be deceptive. The Japanese maker cranks out around a million diesel mills annually. Behind Volkswagen, Ford, and PSA, Toyota is the world’s fourth largest maker of diesel engines, we learned today from Yoshihiko Hamamura, Toyota’s top engine man. [Continue Reading]