The beginning of the end-game: Julie Hamp resigns. Exit from Japan next?

Julie Hamp -2- Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Today at 4:30 p.m. local, Tokyo’s automotive press corps was packing up notes and cameras after a rather unexciting joint press conference by Japan’s majors, Toyota sent out the announcement that its Chief Communication Officer Julie Hamp tendered her resignation. She did so from a lockup at the Harajuku, Tokyo, police station, where she has been since her June 18th arrest on suspicions that she smuggled-in 57 tables of the in Japan heavily controlled substance oxycodone.

Her resignation does not come as a surprise, at least not to this observer. Stepping down from an untenable post may very well be the first step towards Ms. Hamp’s freedom. [Continue Reading]

Julie Hamp to stay in Tokyo jail until July 8 – at least

Julie-Hamp-Picture-courtesy-Bertel-Schmitt (2)
The Tokyo District Court has decided that Toyota’s communications chief Julie Hamp will remain in custody for another 10 days, the Mainichi says. Deadline is July 8. According to Japanese law, charges have to be brought by that deadline. If not, the suspect goes free. The extension is fairly routine.

Hump suspect update: Julie Hamp’s Japanese water torture

Julie, during better days

Julie, during better days

Does anyone still think that the Julie Hamp affair will quietly go away, and that Julie will eventually return to her office at 1-4-18 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8701, Japan? All it takes to dissuade one from this silly notion is to witness the steady drip of leaks from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Today, the usual “investigative source” told Kyodo News “that the tablets in question were not prescribed for her.” The same source told Kyodo that ” Tokyo police are considering sending officers to the United States to verify Hamp’s statement and confirm other aspects of the investigation.” You don’t go on a fact-finding mission to the U.S. if you want to sweep the matter under the rug. [Continue Reading]

Julie Hamp did not require pain medication, reports say

"Trust is the singly most important driver of purchase consideration"

Today, the steady drip of leaks from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police says that Toyota’s PR chief Julie Hamp was not in any pain before she received the package of contraband painkillers. An “investigative source” told Kyodo News that Julie Hamp did not have a health condition requiring the use of painkillers. [Continue Reading]

Toyota PR Chief Julie Hamp faces years in prison, if convicted

Weeks later

On the second day of the developing scandal surrounding Toyota’s PR chief Julie Hamp, it appears as if the best outcome will be deportation from Japan, and the worst many years in a Japanese jail. Ms. Hamp was arrested yesterday at her hotel in Tokyo’s Roppongi ward, after a customs agent found 57 pills containing oxycodone in a package sent to her from the United States. Oxycodone is a controlled substance in Japan, a country with very stiff anti-drug laws. [Continue Reading]

Toyota spokesperson Julie Hamp in Japanese jail on suspicions of drug smuggling

A gaijin ninja, and the corporate samurai

Yesterday, Toyota’s freshly-minted spokesperson Julie Hamp welcomed Frenchman Didier Leroy to the board of Toyota. Today, Ms. Hamp is in a Tokyo jail. According to the Asahi Shimbun Ms. Hamp was arrested on suspicions of drug smuggling. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department alleges that Hamp illegally imported drugs from the United States. She is denying the charges. [Continue Reading]