EU car sales are up, longterm, the market is trending down

Next exit Andorra

Next exit Andorra

February new car registrations are out, published by EU auto manufacturer umbrella organization ACEA. EU passenger car registrations were up 7.3 percent for the month, again mostly driven by a re-awakening South (Spain +26.1 percent, Italy +13.2 percent). Germany (+6.6 percent) and France (+4.5 percent) finally show a little life. [Continue Reading]

Japan’s new car sales down again in February, and they will drop some more


New car registrations in Japan continued their statistical return to earth in February, as total registrations across all segments dropped 14.7 percent (full table here.) We predicted this a month ago, and it didn’t take exceptional clairvoyance to do so. The month compares with a February 2014 when Japanese customers rushed to car dealers in order to beat Abe’s sales tax rise in April. We will see a similar drop again in March, and a little more of that in April, due to registrations of made-to-order cars bought before the March 31 deadline. [Continue Reading]