Crown witness confirms Hallway Radio reports: #Dieselgate cheating open secret at VW

Horn at the hearings

Horn at the hearings: “Couple of engineers”

A “crown witness” in the dieselgate scandal has been talking for months, implicating a large number of engineers and executives, a report in German media says. When Volkswagen’s U.S. chief Michael Horn took the stand at a House committee last October, he said that the cheating was the work of a couple of rogue engineers, and that nobody higher up had any idea. As unbelievable as it did sound, the story of a couple of engineers lacking parental supervision became the narrative at Volkswagen, with the story line culminating so far last week in a botched interview given by Volkswagen’s new CEO Matthias Mueller, where he told National Public Radio that Volkswagen didn’t lie, and that a few engineers simply misinterpreted American rules.

As of today, Volkswagen needs a new narrative.

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