Kampai: Nissan’s Alcohol-Powered System Answers The Big Fuel Cell Question


Nissan today showed a fuel cell system that could overcome the main drawback of current hydrogen fuel cell systems, namely how to get the hydrogen to the car. Nissan’s system uses readily available ethanol alcohol.  An on-board “reformer” the +-converts the ethanol to hydrogen. In the fuel cell stack, the hydrogen is converted to electric power.
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Japan’s major automakers support hydrogen society. Some more, some less

Joint presser - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

What did he just say?

Japan’s three major automakers held a rare joint press conference today, throwing their weight and support behind fuel cells and a zero-emission hydrogen society. That support had been far from unanimous in the past. While Toyota is fully in the fuel cell camp, Nissan is on record that BEVs are viable now, while FCVs may be a drawn-out dream. Honda, having to deal with more pressing problems than the future of the planet, is somewhere in the middle. Today, all three united and shook hands on the noble cause of jump-starting the hydrogen station infrastructure in Japan. [Continue Reading]

Toyota launches fuel cell car in earnest, and with a few puns

Toyota FCV - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Toyota made a big splash today, announcing at Tokyo’s Megaweb that it will launch its hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicle before April 2015 in Japan, and in summer 2015 in the United States and Europe. The car will cost around 7 million yen ($68,600) in Japan. Prices outside Japan have not been announced. [Continue Reading]

Live pictures of Toyota’s hydrogen-powered fuel-cell car

Toyota FCV -3- Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

tmsbannerAt the Daily Kanban, we have been all over Toyota’s fuel cell car, actually, we have been in one long before it broke cover. We also did show you pictures of the prototype. What else is left to do? Show you the real thing as on display at the Tokyo Motor Show. [Continue Reading]

Daily Kanban drives Toyota’s 2015 fuel cell car, talks to its father

Toyota FCV -02- Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

2015 Toyota FCV prototype

When I worked for the Dark Side, doing propaganda for Volkswagen, I drove a few pre-production models for familiarization purposes. Never was I invited to drive the prototype of a car that would need another two years to go into production. Today, it happened. It wasn’t just any car. I drove a car that could change the way we drive into the future. My ride was the prototype of Toyota’s first mass production fuel cell sedan, which I was promised to arrive on the market in 2015.

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