Geely stops re-badging insanity, and why whole China should follow

Ah, they all look alike ...

Ah, they all look alike …

“In 2008,” writes Chinacartimes, “Geely announced that it would establish a multi brand stategy which would eventually see the Geely brand terminated from car front ends and act as a holding company. In a shock reverse move, Geely will now take its Emgrand, Englon and Gleagle brands back into the Geely brand name with future cars simply using the GEELY brand name on its cars.” The best thing that can happen to the Chinese car industry is that this sets a trend – again. [Continue Reading]

Nissan’s Hackney Carriage Triggers Hackneyed Headlines

London Taxi. Picture courtesy Nissan

“Asian Makers Battling to be London’s Black Taxi of Choice,” headlines The Detroit Bureau with more than a hint of suppressed racism. What is happening is that Nissan is bidding to replace the fabled, but ancient London Taxi with something that is better suited for now and the future. The current purveyor of the famous London Hackney Carriage is the London Taxi Company, a British company that happens to be owned by China’s Geely. London Taxi Co. is not putting up much of a battle, but don’t let that ruin a hackneyed headline. [Continue Reading]