Toyota, the giant that refuses to grow



The fact that Toyota’s net profits for the past fiscal nearly doubled to a record $17.73 billion failed to surprise the throngs of media that had congregated this afternoon at the company’s HQ in Tokyo. After all, all previous quarters of the past year had been strong, and nobody expected the company to slack off in the final three months. What surprised some was the company’s ostensive aversion to growth. Akio Toyoda and his lieutenants predicted more or less flat sales and likewise horizontal earnings for the current year. Which leaves the race for World’s Largest Automaker wide open. Any of the three contenders, GM, Volkswagen, and Toyota can come out on top by the end of the year. [Continue Reading]

UK market up again, but ingrate FT can’t get enough

London Traffic Jam - Picture courtesy

New car sales in the UK rose again in October, bucking a bad trend on The Continent. While the overall EU auto market has its worst year in written history, car sales on the island are up for the 20th consecutive month. Nonetheless, the Financial Times is deeply displeased. [Continue Reading]