Hallway Radio expects more heads to roll at Volkswagen’s top

DIY decapitation

DIY decapitation

Volkswagen famously needs twice the people as Toyota to make 10 million cars a year. Volkswagen has begun culling its ranks in an unorthodox way: At the top. Tomorrow, Wednesday, Volkswagen’s Supervisory Board will convene, and a day later, CEO Matthias Müller and Supervisory Board Chairman Hans Dieter Pötsch will meet the press to give a dieselgate update. Any management board level changes need approval by the supervisors, so Thursday is the day when new decapitations, some expected, some not, may be announced. [Continue Reading]

Hacki Hackenberg: “I am a victim of circumstance!” VW’s chief controller #dieselgate embroiled

Hacki on the run

Hacki on the run

Ulrich “Hacki” Hackenberg, who was Audi’s, and formerly VW’s, R&D chief, denies any #dieselgate responsibility. This according to a report of Volkswagen’s internal auditing department, which is being quoted by the usually well-informed German tabloid Bild am Sonntag. Hackenberg has been suspended, along with two other managers. Volkswagen’s chief controller also is about to be sacked, the paper says. [Continue Reading]

#Dieselgate: Hackenberg in the crosshairs, engineers talk

Hackenberg - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Volkswagen’s feared internal morals police, the “Revision,” has first confessions, Bild am Sonntag (German, paywall) reports. According to the paper and the confessing engineers, the cheater software was first installed in 2008. On who’s orders remains unclear, however, various Volkswagen engineers fingered Ulrich Hackenberg, who was VW R&D chief at the time. [Continue Reading]

#dieselgate: BKA agents raid VW R&D, preparations for mass manager exodus, withdrawal from soccer and racing possible, hallway radio says

Raided: Volkswagen's Forschungs und Entwicklungs Abteilung

Raided: Volkswagen’s Forschungs und Entwicklungs Abteilung

Germany’s Federal Police raided Volkswagen’s maximum security R&D dept, and carried away computers, while the VW’s finance dept is running map exercises involving the sale of assets, even to China, if necessary, Volkswagen’s hallway radio says in Wolfsburg. [Continue Reading]