Volkswagen’s Hallway Radio: Return of the head-huntress ignites rebellion in ranks

Reinhart on the radio

Reinhart on the radio

Red alert in Wolfsburg. Not because of dieselgate, people can learn to cope. Volkswagen folks are worried about rumors of an incoming Ariane Reinhart as head of VW’s HR. “This would be a true catastrophe,” a terrified voice on Volkswagen’s Hallway Radio told the Dailykanban today. [Continue Reading]

Hallway Radio: More bad news, and Volkswagen’s Mueller is out. Really bad news, and Ghosn is in

Carlos Ghosn TMS - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

The savior?

Nerves are frayed in Wolfsburg, laid bare by the never-ending barrage of bad news. The suffering is getting so huge that cutting Volkswagen’s head off to end the pain becomes a viable option. Should the scandal spread from diesel to a large number of gasoline driven cars, VW’s new CEO Matthias Müller, along with Volkswagen’s complete Board of Management, will be replaced, says the Hallway Radio. [Continue Reading]

“Are Stackmann and Stadler clueless?” the hallway radio asks

Who, me?

Who, me?

I was on the phone with one of my prime hallway radio monitors in Wolfsburg this morning (last night his time), bugging him for the latest scuttlebutt north of the Mittelland-Kanal. “Actually, I have a question for you,” the informant said: “Why are Stackmann and Stadler still around?”

“Excuse me, who?” I said. [Continue Reading]

Ramen for reporters: Volkswagen cancels Media Night, tonight, and for the future

Where's the party? Stood up by VW at the Meiji Kinenkan

Where’s the party? Stood up by VW at the Meiji Kinenkan

It is Tuesday morning in Tokyo. Tomorrow, Wednesday, the Tokyo Motor Show will open its doors at the Big Sight in Odaiba to the media. Tonight, the always hungry and thirsty members of the Fifth Estate will be sedated with heavy doses of sake and tempura, administered all over town at dinner parties by the world’s (and especially Japan’s) big automakers. Those who are on the guest list of Volkswagen will suffer dry mouth and empty stomach. VW canceled its traditional auto show pre-party, a harbinger of lean times to come. [Continue Reading]

#dieselgate: Plans for North America chief scuttled, Horn left in the cold, all by himself

Horn at the hearings

Horn at the hearings

Michael Horn, U.S.A.-chief of embattled automaker Volkswagen, will receive some good news, and some bad news. The good news is that he won’t get a chaperone. The bad news is that he’s left in the cold, to face the big bad American wolves all by his freezing lonesome. [Continue Reading]

#dieselgate: BKA agents raid VW R&D, preparations for mass manager exodus, withdrawal from soccer and racing possible, hallway radio says

Raided: Volkswagen's Forschungs und Entwicklungs Abteilung

Raided: Volkswagen’s Forschungs und Entwicklungs Abteilung

Germany’s Federal Police raided Volkswagen’s maximum security R&D dept, and carried away computers, while the VW’s finance dept is running map exercises involving the sale of assets, even to China, if necessary, Volkswagen’s hallway radio says in Wolfsburg. [Continue Reading]

VW’s Diesel Shenanigans: Bigger headaches yet to come

Winterkorn BJ3- Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Volkswagen may have to pay an $18 billion fine for its emissions shenanigans, and a good chunk of the hypothetical punishment was already exerted. This morning, the Volkswagen share was down 22 percent, Volkswagen’s shareholders received a $14 billion haircut. The matter raises a few questions, like, what took the EPA so long? And, is this just the prelude to a nuclear meltdown of a few large EU car makers? And, of course: “Is Piech behind all that?” [Continue Reading]

News from Volkswagen’s hallway radio: Piech frustrates Winterkorn, Stadler becomes CFO

The CEO and his new CFO? Winterkorn and Stadler

The CEO and his new CFO? Winterkorn and Stadler

Until Wednesday last week, Volkswagen’s Flurfunk (Hallway Radio) rumor mill was convinced that VW CEO Martin Winterkorn would become chairman of Volkswagen’s supervisory board, and that he will take the seat vacated by Ferdinand Piech leaving in a huff. Then, a perplexed hallway radio had to get used to the idea that Volkswagen’s long-time CFO Hans-Dieter Pötsch would get the chairman job, and that Witerkorn would stay on as CEO for another two years. Turns out it was Piech himself who frustrated Winterkorn’s advancement. [Continue Reading]