Decision day: “Future Lexus RX,” or “re-sheet-metaled” Harrier?

Harrier reveal is it - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt


Ever since Toyota released first pictures  of the 2014 Japanese-market Harrier, there has been a low level war on the interwebs. Countless bloggers, eager for a scoop scraped off other websites, crowed that this will be a preview of the 2015 Lexus RX. Even distinguished Edmunds bought into this version. More seasoned, and not to say professionally skeptical writers, from Joaquin Ruhi at the Kaizenfactor all the way to Malaysia’s Paul Tan, opined that the new Harrier is more like a re-sheet-metaled version of the current Lexus RX.  Who is right, who is wrong? Today, I decided to grab my subway pass, and get to the bottom of it. [Continue Reading]