Yamaha introduces a $3,300 lean-machine. Will it light a fire under the micro-cars of Nissan, Toyota, Honda?


Japan is, according to lore, a country with very small cars navigating very narrow roads. Some of it is true. Residential roads can be extremely narrow. Parking is scarce and expensive. Japan’s major automakers come to the rescue with even smaller cars, while the government is dragging its heels. [Continue Reading]

Toyota’s lean-machine: Daily Kanban drives the i-ROAD

Toyota i-ROAD 4 - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

It’s not a big secret that I doubt the success of the electric car, or of any vehicle that will require me to find a motel every 100 miles, where I wait half a day until my car is fueled up – if I can park it in front of my window, and if they don’t mind the extension cord to the car. Despite my huge anti-EV bias, I fell in love with an EV. Never since the mid-sixties, when Baerbel K. lured a still underage BS on the cramped back seat of her Volkswagen Bug, did I have so much fun in a car. I want the thing, and I want it bad, more than I ever wanted Baerbel.
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