The Nissan Skyline isn’t dead at all, it lives on as a crossdresser


Hasn't been axed: The new Nissan Skyline

The new Nissan Skyline

Over the past months, American car bloggers bemoaned the demise of the Skyline,  a Japanese iconic car which they officially never could get, but which they knew plenty enough from Gran Turismo and Fast and Furious. In the blogs, we were told that Nissan would axe the Skyline, and replace it with an “obscure alphanumeric,” a.k.a. the Infiniti Q50. “Kusokurai!”  I heard today in Yokohama. Well, I did not really hear it, polite as they are, they wouldn’t utter a word that, in English, would be the same as my initials. However, the demise of the Skyline remains BS, as documented by a new Nissan Skyline that today was unveiled on the first floor of Nissan’s headquarters by the Yokohama waterfront.  THAT was the easy part. [Continue Reading]

After the company went into Hong Kong exile, Infiniti cars might come home to Japan

Ghosn de Nysschen Tochigi 2 - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Ghosn, de Nysschen, at Q50 line-off in Tochigi


Ever since Infiniti’s new CEO Johan de Nysschen met the author of this story for an after-work chat at Infiniti’s new Hong Kong HQ, it was known that de Nysschen wanted to bring Infiniti home to Japan. “Ironically,” said de Nysschen,” we take models that are unique Infiniti platforms, developed for Infiniti, and in Japan, we put a Nissan badge on them.” According to The Nikkei [sub], this irony may come to an end. [Continue Reading]