About those U.S. Tesla sales numbers: None of them are true

"He's a walking contradiction, partly truth, and partly fiction."

“He’s a walking contradiction, partly truth, and partly fiction.”


Last week, InsideEVs said that Tesla sold 3,500 Model S in the U.S. in December, outselling Nissan’s best-selling Leaf. Nissan sells more of its all electric Leaf in the U.S. alone (2014: 30,200) than Tesla sells Model S world-wide (2014: ????), but then there is that ADD epidemic to reckon with. Reduced to “Mosdel S sells more than Leaf” (140 chars, you know) the report quickly did ricochet through Tesla’s premiere PR platform, Twitter. Twitter is a battleground of Tesla Longs and Shorts, yelling at each other 24/7, and even the flimsiest piece of data is used like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright treats the gospel. The problem is: Not just the perception given is wrong. InsideEVs’ Tesla number is made up, pulled straight from thin air. Or possibly worse.

Sounding a bit fishy, the InsideEVs number was put into question by a few business sites, casting faint rays of doubt upon the report. At the Daily Kanban, we have two, much bigger problems:

  1. All U.S. Model S reports you can read so far are wrong.
  2. Barring an external audit, we will most likely never find out who is right.

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