Jeff Kuhlman out at Nissan, heads home

Jeff Kuhlamn (2nd left) and friends in Tokyo

Jeff Kuhlman (2nd left) and friends in Tokyo

Long term Nissan PR chief Jeff Kuhlman is saying sayonara to Nissan and Japan, and is heading home to America. At Nissan, Kuhlman is being replaced by Jonathan Adashek, an industry outsider. [Continue Reading]

Infiniti squashes human centipede

A disbelieving Jeff Kuhlman

A disbelieving Jeff Kuhlman

A few car blogs reported yesterday that the upcoming Infiniti Q80 will have an “innovative 1+1+1+1 seating where all four passengers sit single file behind one another.” At the blog where Ed and I worked before, they likened the alleged seating arrangement to the film “The Human Centipede,” where people were stitched together, mouth to anal orifice – probably not the association the upscale brand wants to trigger.

Today, I was at an exclusive little party, where we did bid Andy Palmer adieu before he assumes his post as CEO of Aston Martin. At Tokyo’s Foreign Correspondent’s Club, I was sitting beer glass to beer glass with Nissan’s chief spokesman Jeff Kuhlman, and the following discussion ensued. [Continue Reading]

Simon Sproule, the sequel: Misreported reports

Jeff Kuhlman and Roland Buerk bid Simon Sproule farewell at  the Foreign Correspondents' Club, Tokyo

Jeff Kuhlman and Roland Buerk bid Simon Sproule farewell at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Tokyo

Tesla considered the fact that it won over Simon Sproule from Nissan such a big deal that it tipped-off Bloomberg about the catch. At Nissan, the story was worth not more than four words. “Simon Sproule will retire,” Nissan said today, and buried it in a statement that listed many management changes as per April 1, 2014. A successor was not named.

Checking with our sources at Yokohama dockland sake bars, we heard that – gomen nasai – we had a few things wrong in our Friday story. [Continue Reading]