Toyota’s LFA Works brought out of mothballs to make RC F carbon fiber parts

Lexus RC F, JDM spec

Lexus RC F, JDM spec

Lexus launched the stylish RC and its performant brother, the RC F onto the U.S. market a while ago. Today, it came home to Japan. Compared to the lavish U.S. festivities, the Japanese “reveal” was a low=-key affair: A red RC 300h,and a blue RC F were put in the lobby of Toyota’s Tokyo HQ, a few speeches, a photo-op, arigatou gozaimas, that was it. Actually, it was a teeny bit more festive than the usual extremely frugal JDM launches. [Continue Reading]

A day in Aichi, where a plugless plug-in is upstaged by a powder-blue power monster

Tamura IS F - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Today, I went all the way to Toyota City, to witness (as the only foreign correspondent, as far as I could tell) the start of the verification testing of Toyota’s wireless charging system. The technology has been around for a while, nearly 200 years to be not quite exact, because this is how long we know how a transformer works.  Wireless charging works just like a transformer. Current that flows through one coil induces current in another coil.  With this invention, you will be able to charge your plug-in without plugging in.

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Lexus LFA Works demoted to bicycle making

Lexus NXB Bike -2- Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

The Lexus NXB Concept

tmsbannerThis bicycle is the only thing that is left of the Lexus LFA glorious supercar past. On display at the Tokyo Motor show, the bicycle has been built using the rare and expensive machinery formerly used to make the all carbon-fiber body of the Lexus LFA. [Continue Reading]

Lexus RC-300 breaks cover at Tokyo pre-party

Lexus RC - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Two days before the Tokyo Motor Show opens to the media, Lexus gave a big party at the Ryogoku Kokugikan. That hard to pronounce location usually hosts sumo wrestling matches where oversized and barely dressed wrestlers try to push each other out of the ring. The stars of this evening were two new Lexus cars. One was the Lexus RC-300 coupe. The Daily Kanban already did show you PR pictures of the sports coupe. Above, the car in real. [Continue Reading]

Decision day: “Future Lexus RX,” or “re-sheet-metaled” Harrier?

Harrier reveal is it - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt


Ever since Toyota released first pictures  of the 2014 Japanese-market Harrier, there has been a low level war on the interwebs. Countless bloggers, eager for a scoop scraped off other websites, crowed that this will be a preview of the 2015 Lexus RX. Even distinguished Edmunds bought into this version. More seasoned, and not to say professionally skeptical writers, from Joaquin Ruhi at the Kaizenfactor all the way to Malaysia’s Paul Tan, opined that the new Harrier is more like a re-sheet-metaled version of the current Lexus RX.  Who is right, who is wrong? Today, I decided to grab my subway pass, and get to the bottom of it. [Continue Reading]

Lexus lifts kimono on RC sports coupe


When, late October, the Tokyo motor press corps received strictly embargoed news of the upcoming Lexus RC, a muted (we are in polite Japan) groan went through the assemblage of auto scribes. After all, the Lexus RC had been on the Internet for more than a year, and here the journalists were asked to behave as if they’ve never heard of the car. Today, at 13:30 local, the embargo lifted. [Continue Reading]