Autocar: Back off, Yanks, Nissan has British DNA


Austin A40 Somerset by Nissan

Austin A40 Somerset by Nissan

Did we tell you that no British paper would call the (so far nonexistent) fight between the current, China-built London taxi and the new one from Nissan a battle of the Asians? Because “Nissan has been adopted as a British company, and credited with the revival of the auto industry in the UK?” We sure did. England’s Autocar (that’s the world’s oldest buff-book for you) takes it much further. They say Nissan is as British as Austin. [Continue Reading]

Nissan’s Hackney Carriage Triggers Hackneyed Headlines

London Taxi. Picture courtesy Nissan

“Asian Makers Battling to be London’s Black Taxi of Choice,” headlines The Detroit Bureau with more than a hint of suppressed racism. What is happening is that Nissan is bidding to replace the fabled, but ancient London Taxi with something that is better suited for now and the future. The current purveyor of the famous London Hackney Carriage is the London Taxi Company, a British company that happens to be owned by China’s Geely. London Taxi Co. is not putting up much of a battle, but don’t let that ruin a hackneyed headline. [Continue Reading]