Audi sees red. At Mazda. Mazda sees red. At Audi.

Audi red -  Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt
tmsbannerSomeone at Audi had a great idea for the Tokyo Motor Show: “How about we only show red cars in our booth? Talk about maximized visual impact.” It was a great idea. Until this morning. [Continue Reading]

Demonstration of accident-prevention system lands two people in hospital – Mazda suspends test drives

CX-5 SCBS demonstration - suspended until further notice

CX-5 SCBS demonstration – suspended until further notice

A week before the opening of the Tokyo Motor Show, which will showcase a lot of autonomous drive and near-autonomous drive technology, two days after the Japanese government held a high-profile event where Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was driven around in (not quite) driverless cars, the industry must navigate around a PR-disaster: A demonstration of Mazda’s accident-prevention system ended in an accident and two people in the hospital. [Continue Reading]

Mazda’s Secret Weapon: The CNC Motor Factory

Everybody route now!

Everybody route now!


Of all global automakers, Mazda may be in the toughest position. As if it weren’t hard enough to be one of the smallest independent mainstream automakers left, it faces the thankless task of marketing an enthusiast-oriented brand as well. And without the support of a major partner now that Ford has departed its alliance with the Hiroshima-based automaker, Mazda is hustling to stay in the game. But the hottest fires produce the hardest metals, to borrow a phrase used more by marketing types than engineers, and Mazda’s fight for existence is producing some interesting innovations. As Dave Coleman, vehicle development engineer at Mazda’s North American Operations tells Wards Auto:

“We needed to approach that fundamental truth (of economies of scale) and find out if it’s still fundamentally true, or is there a way to engineer our way around it. And it turns out there is a way to engineer around it.”

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