Double standards: 5 Star rated Chinese cars would have failed Euro NCAP rules

Crash2 - Picture courtesy Flickr

More grumblings about NCAP tomfooleries, this time from China and Germany. China’s widely-read has it from unnamed insiders at Volkswagen that China’s largest automaker is unhappy with C-NCAP, the New Car Assessment Program with Chinese characteristics. Volkswagen wants credit for routinely equipping its China-sold cars with the stabilizer system known as ESC (or ESP in VW parlance.) Other importers of high-end cars to China are said to be likewise miffed. However, China’s NCAP is blind when it comes to the gadgetry.

Recently, C-NCAP, administered by China’s state-owned enterprise CATARC, published its latest crop of tests, and everybody won. Six out of eight cars received a Five Star rating. Two had to make do with four stars. Losers: None. As far as Global NCAP is concerned, all is peachy in the Middle Kingdom.

Not so in neighboring India: According to Global NCAP, most of India’s best-selling cars are unsafe to drive. This after a series of crash tests, performed at the tech center of Germany’s scandal-ridden auto club ADAC. [Continue Reading]