News from Volkswagen’s hallway radio: Piech frustrates Winterkorn, Stadler becomes CFO

The CEO and his new CFO? Winterkorn and Stadler

The CEO and his new CFO? Winterkorn and Stadler

Until Wednesday last week, Volkswagen’s Flurfunk (Hallway Radio) rumor mill was convinced that VW CEO Martin Winterkorn would become chairman of Volkswagen’s supervisory board, and that he will take the seat vacated by Ferdinand Piech leaving in a huff. Then, a perplexed hallway radio had to get used to the idea that Volkswagen’s long-time CFO Hans-Dieter Pötsch would get the chairman job, and that Witerkorn would stay on as CEO for another two years. Turns out it was Piech himself who frustrated Winterkorn’s advancement. [Continue Reading]

Winterkorn? Pötsch? Piech? Listen to Volkswagen’s hallway radio for answers

Winterkorn BJ - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

The Flurfunk was perplexed. Until yesterday, anyone with a license to tune into the hallway radio, Volkswagen’s fast and furious rumor mill, would hear that current CEO Martin Winterkorn would be promoted to the much cushier job as Chairman of Volkswagen’s Aufsichtsrat (Supervisory Board) for sure, and that the heavy lifting expected from a Volkswagen CEO would fall to current Porsche chief Matthias Müller. Then yesterday, it was announced, much to the hallway radio’s consternation, that Winterkorn would stay on as CEO for two more years. Then today, Reuters picked up that Hans-Dieter Pötsch, Volkswagen’s long-time CFO, would be nominated for the chairman slot. Hours later, Volkswagen’s PR department confirmed. The hallway radio was speechless. What happened?

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