This Porsche Panamera is a bit of a stretch

Porsche Panamera Tutrbo S Executive -1- Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

tmsbannerBelying the rumor that to be successful in Japan, one has to sell bonsai cars, Porsche debuts in Tokyo its (most likely) longest car ever. [Continue Reading]

Porsche unveils three new models at three awkwardly timed auto shows

Panamera Turbo S

Panamera Turbo S

End of November will have three major auto shows, all pretty much at the same time. The Tokyo and Los Angeles shows take place from Nov 20/21 (media days) through Dec 1, while the show in China’s Guangzhou, the former Canton, runs from Nov 21 (media day) through Nov 28, creating scheduling nightmares for global automakers: What car to unveil where? And most of all: Where to send the CEO? Porsche has the unveiling part covered: It will show three new models, no – not one for each show. It’s more complicated. [Continue Reading]