Allegedly leaked S-FR specs “total bullshit,” Toyota manager says


Specs, my aft

Today, I checked up on the supposed S-FR specs that took the Internet by storm. They are “total bullshit,” a well–informed Toyota manager told me today. Nothing of these alleged technical data of a possible low-cost Toyota sports coupe is true. Millions of readers around the world have been lied to – again. [Continue Reading]

About those mysterious Toyota SF-R specs

Wink, wink

Wink, wink

At the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota will debut its S-FR Concept, a compact sports-coupe. When published a few days ago, the news did not necessarily set the world on fire. Today, the SF-R is all over the Internet, all because supposedly detailed specifications were “leaked.”

The specs are all lifted from the just recently created The forum’s domain was registered (anonymously, via Godaddy’s Domains by Proxy) in June, right after it became known that Toyota had trademarked S-FR. The fledgling forum hasn’t obtained the specs “from a Japanese document” as Leftlanenews says. The technical data was copypasted from yet another blog. This one in Japan. To do that requires at least some knowledge, namely how to use Google translate.

So much the webs. Here is what we really know. [Continue Reading]