2015 Shanghai Auto Show: First, no babes. Now, no babies

Those were the days

Those were the days

This year’s Shanghai Auto Show, to be held from April 20 through 29 somewhere in the boonies behind the Hongqiao airport, will be a very exclusive affair. First, scantily clad models were excluded. Now that the show is a family-friendly affair, children aren’t allowed either, writes Carnewschina. After the prohibition of babes, there is a ban on babies. There were babes and babies galore at previous shows in China. Now, no more. [Continue Reading]

China succumbs to capitalist running dogs, outlaws “scantily clad models” at car shows. Sex and cars with Chinese characteristics, a nostalgic look back

Beijing, 29012

Beijing, 2012

China is the world’s biggest car market, it has the world’s biggest car shows, and it suddenly developed the world’s biggest hang-up about pretty ladies. For years, they used to sex-up otherwise boring cars. No more. The auto fairs must do without the fair maidens, the models must remain dressed. “Attractive young women will no longer adorn cars at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in April,” the state-owned tabloid China Daily reports.

“Auto shows in other cities should also stop using models,” said Yang Xueliang, head of the public relations department of Zhejiang Geely. “Give a pure automobile show back to customers.” At past auto shows, his company, which also owns Sweden’s Volvo, competed lustily with other carmakers in the scantily clad department, this year, no more.

Fear not, the DailyKanban will bring you the lightly dressed car shows that the government banned. [Continue Reading]