J.D.Power: “Chinese domestic brands achieve tremendous improvement.” Beat Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, Honda in IQS


Chinese cars have long been derided as dangerous contraptions that would not stand a chance on the world markets. Graybeard industry insiders warned that that’s what they said about Japanese cars back in the Sixties, and that’s what they said again about Korean cars a few decades later, and look where they are now. Erudite graybeards sometimes predict that when the Chinese finally turn the quality corner, that process will be much faster than in Japan and Korea.

These warnings are commonly ignored, and – hubris comes before the fall – they will continue to be ignored until it will be too late, yet again. Chinese cars are quickly getting better, they receive stars at NCAP, and today, a usually ignored Chinese carmaker, and a brand with a droll name, did beat reputable global brands in the closely watched J.D.Power 2013 IQS.    [Continue Reading]