Winterkorn wins, Piech pouts, departs. But why?

Geschafft! Winterkorn in Beijing, where the battle was won

Victorious Wiko at the Beijing Motor Show. He did not show in Shanghai

“Ursula, we are leaving,” or words to that effect, said Ferdinand Piech to his wife Ursula, and both stepped down from the supervisory board of Volkswagen. Or maybe, it was “Ferdi, they don’t deserve you, let’s go.” They said it two hours after the board’s six-member executive committee sat down for yet another emergency meeting, this time near the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg airport, where with Volkswagen money the runway was extended to accommodate Volkswagen’s Airbus A319. The committee decided “that in view of the background of the last weeks the mutual trust necessary ?for successful cooperation no longer exists.” Ferdinand and Ursula tendered their resignation. [Continue Reading]