Nice Try VW: Toyota Again World’s Largest Automaker


Last summer, and in a Dewey vs. Truman moment, media around the world crowned Volkswagen as the world’s largest automaker. The game is not decided at halftime, and when Toyota published its official 2015 results today, Volkswagen AG found itself in the same place it started the year, namely 2nd-rated behind global juggernaut Toyota Motor Co. As much as I hate to say I told you so, but I did. [Continue Reading]

Fleeting glory: Volkswagen solidly world’s second-ranked automaker



We were skeptical when the crowd crowned Volkswagen world’s largest automaker two months ago, and it looks like VW won’t be king of the hill when the year ends. As of August, and some 50,000 units ahead of Volkswagen, Toyota remains world’s largest automaker. [Continue Reading]

The giant in hiding

Un - deux - trois

Un – deux – trois

Each year, the world’s top automakers scrounge up every last car they find in their spreadsheets to win the world’s most brutal car race: The one for World’s Largest Automaker. Officially, they don’t really mean it, officially, they say it’s a morale booster for the employees at best, but in the privacy of their offices, they all take it darn seriously. All, except one: The Nissan-Renault Alliance. It’s a giant in hiding. [Continue Reading]

GM third-largest automaker in 2013 global sales

Wolfsburg skies

Da raucht der Schlot

We have warned repeatedly not to jump to conclusions, and not to crown GM the world’s second-largest automaker (behind Toyota), based on 2013 sales, and that “whoever tells you that GM is second and VW third should apply for immediate amateur status.”  We still have a few contacts in Wolfsburg, and we prepared you for a surprise.  The surprise (not for us) came today. Reuters reports that “Germany’s Volkswagen narrowly beat General Motors Co. in the global auto sales race last year, finishing as runner-up behind sales champion Toyota Motor Corp.” [Continue Reading]

Toyota produced more than 10 million units in 2013

Iheartcars - Tokyo Auto Salon - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt
Toyota released the long awaited production data for 2013. As expected by the Daily Kanban, that number exceeds 10 million. It even came in as we expected, namely at  10.1 million (10,117,274 to be exact.) [Continue Reading]

Toyota remains World’s Largest Automaker. Ranks 2 and 3 a cliffhanger, 2014 a knife fight.

Toyota lobby - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Toyota has announced global sales for 2013, and they came in as expected. The Daily Kanban had TMC at 10 million, give and take a few, and the official number is 10 million, take 20,000: Toyota sold 9,980,000 units worldwide in 2013. Which should cement TMC’s top spot in the ranks of the World’s Largest Automakers. The number two and three ranks are too close to call – whoever tells you that GM is second and VW third should apply for immediate amateur status. And if you can’t stand the suspense, then 2014 will be absolutely intolerable. [Continue Reading]