Insiders: Opel Likely To Get Away With Dieselgate Cheating, Fiat Won’t


Both GM’s Opel and  Fiat Chrysler have become the targets of serious dieselgate accusations. The companies have been in the media for months. Last week, the matter became official, and both carmakers were held accountable by German regulators. Opel met with the Germans, and most likely will get away with a stern finger-wagging, industry experts agree. Fiat stood up officials in Berlin, and the book is being thrown at the Italian maker.

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Monday morning car news roundup, May 23, 2016

Today is Monday

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Dieselgate: Why Volkswagen’s Geheime Konzernpolizei Can’t Find Cooperative Witnesses


“Silence” is a smaller budget movie by Martin Scorsese, to be released by the end of this year, if all goes well. The movie might be preempted by a big budget reality show with the German title “Das Schweigen.” It’s the drama of Volkswagen’s fruitless search for the dieselgate truth. Half a year since the scandal broke, very little truth was found, or so they say. What makes it so hard?

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Dieselgate Turns CO2gate: Huge Amounts Of Cheating Revealed


Are you easily embarrassed? In that case, a career in the automotive business is not for you. To get to the top in the heavy metal industry, you must know no shame. I came to this conclusion, when, after a week of covering daily dieselgate revelations, I read what Germany’s Spiegel Magazin will write tomorrow. The Kraftfahrtbundesamt, Germany’s NHTSA equivalent, did a retest of type-approved cars, only to find that 30 (THIRTY) of them exceed their stated CO2 emissions, some to a drastic degree, as the magazine will claim in its Saturday edition.

Dieselgate 3.0: Fiat Chrysler Snubs Berlin, Leaves It With The Nuclear Option


Yesterday, I told you that it would be Fiat Chrysler’s turn to appear in front of Germany’s dieselgate commission to discuss allegations of its own shenanigans. Well, I lied. Instead, Fiat Chrysler’s lawyers submitted a letter stating that … [Continue reading]

Japan’s Design Enfant Terrible Launches Car Of The Cloth


Kota Nezu, the man who caused dropped jaws around the world with his wooden car, is at it again. Today, the dyed-red-haired Japanese car designer showed a “car” made from an even more pliable material: Fabric material. More in Forbes. … [Continue reading]

Friday morning car news roundup, May 20, 2016


Top News:   VW preps new strategy to become 'mobility provider' - Automotive News: Volkswagen, aiming to become a "mobility provider," will introduce a new strategy in mid June, CEO Matthias Mueller said in a speech to senior company … [Continue reading]

Opel’s Dieselgate Triggers A Revolutionary Suggestion: Automakers, Try The Truth


Today, a revolutionary suggestion to end all dieselgate scandals once and for all came to my attention: Tell the truth. “There is a big chance for automakers to jointly explain how they really comply with all those environmental norms. It would … [Continue reading]