Wednesday morning car news roundup, November 25, 2015

Today is Wednesday

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Volkswagen’s Hallway Radio: Return of the head-huntress ignites rebellion in ranks

Reinhart on the radio

Reinhart on the radio

Red alert in Wolfsburg. Not because of dieselgate, people can learn to cope. Volkswagen people are worried about rumors of an incoming Ariane Reinhart as head of VW’s HR. “This would be a true catastrophe,” a terrified voice on Volkswagen’s Hallway Radio told the Dailykanban today. [Continue Reading]

Hallway Radio: Audi’s Stadler next #dieselgate victim, replacement ready

What, me worry? Yes, a lot.

What, me worry? Yes, a lot.

NOxious #dieselgate emissions have decimated rows of Volkswagen managers. Now, the deadly diesel discharges are beginning to poison careers of top managers at Audi. After Monday’s revelation that Audi-developed 3 liter diesels also contain cheater-software, Audi’s CEO Rupert Stadler has come under intensive fire. Volkswagen chief Matthias Müller is livid, Volkswagen’s hallway radio says. Müller trusted Stadler’s solemn vow that Audi is clean, and he looks like a liar. Stadler doesn’t think of stepping down, German media says, but the hallway radio already has a candidate for Stadler’s throne. [Continue Reading]

Tuesday morning car news roundup, November 24, 2015

Today is Tuesday

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#Dieseldämmerung: DUH tests Renault Espace with “frightening” results

renault-escpace-2015 Picture couresy Autocar

As expected by the Dailykanban, German environmental group Deutsche Umwelthilfe today said cars by French automaker Renault are exceeding EU NOx limits in an alarming way. … [Continue reading]

Monday morning car news roundup, November 23, 2015


Top News: New battery to boost BMW i3 range - Autocar: BMW's i3 will be capable of traveling up to 124 miles on a single charge thanks to a new lithium ion battery pack Ford vote completes UAW bargaining round with Detroit automakers - … [Continue reading]

Breaking: New diesel cheater to be exposed tomorrow

Emission testing - Picture courtesy

Germany's environmental organization Deutsche Umwelt Hilfe (DUH) is expected to expose another diesel cheater. Says DUH: … [Continue reading]

Friday morning car news roundup, November 20, 2015


Top News: U.K. Should Consider Diesel-Car Scrappage Program, Lawmakers Say - Bloomberg: The U.K. government should consider subsidies for motorists who scrap their diesel cars and switch to vehicles that produce fewer nitrogen-dioxide... VW … [Continue reading]