Thurssday morning car news roundup, October 30, 2014


Despite technical difficulties due to our momentary presence in China, we bring you the daily fare of car news leads. Do not count on it for tomorrow …

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Impending service outage


We apologize, but you will have to get by without the usual Dailykanban fare for a few days. Ed is in Paris with his true love Andrea, and lovers in Paris, what shall I say. I am off to China to hunt down a very interesting exclusive story.

I will try filling the pages to the best of my capabilities. However, doing it from China might be very hard. Our Morning News depend heavily on Google searches, but Google and China don’t get along. One used to be able to get around the firewall with a VPN, but with the help of Cisco, VPNs and China also no longer get along.

Ed and I will be back on November 4th.

Honda hits headwinds

Honda Executive VP Tetsuo Iwamura

Honda Executive VP Tetsuo Iwamura

Every three months, Honda is first among Japan’s major automakers to report the numbers for the quarter. It sets the tone for the presentations of its peers. Today was the day to go to Aoyama-Itchome in Tokyo, and to hear that business isn’t bad, but not rosy either. Honda is still making plenty of money, but less than expected.

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Tuesday morning car news roundup, October 28, 2014


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Monday morning car news roundup, October 27, 2014


'No other supplier other than Takata has used this ammonium nitrate' - Automotive News: The emerging crisis over airbags traces back to a little-known Japanese company that for over 20 years has supplied the safety devices to automakers including … [Continue reading]

World’s largest automakers 2014: Better luck next year

Top3_Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Now that Toyota reported its 9 month global production and sales numbers, we can update our projections of who will be the world’s largest automaker when 2014 comes to an end. The new numbers don’t differ much from our back-of-the-envelope estimate … [Continue reading]

Women to the front: Nissan practices the diversity others preach

Ghosn and diversity - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

“Nissan counts more on female members than the rest of the industry,” Nissan/Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn said today in front of 260 new female team members, assembled at Nissan’s headquarters n Yokohama. They are the vanguard of a wave of women to … [Continue reading]

Friday morning car news roundup, October 24, 2014


US: Former PR executive claims Ford bugged his telephone - Just-auto: Former Ford PR chief Jason Vines, a key lieutenant of CEO Jacques Nasser at the time, says the company bugged his telephone during the company's 2001 Firestone tyre … [Continue reading]