Driving Impressions: Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai Press Briefing Tokyo - 14 - Picture Bertel Schmitt -670

While Herr Schmitto-san was learning about Toyota’s new Mirai fuel cell vehicle (FCV) by not driving it in Japan, I was busy learning about Mirai by driving it in sunny Southern California. The Los Angeles area is already ground zero for hydrogen-powered cars in the US, thanks to major investments by the state government and small-scale FCV deployment by Honda, Hyundai and BMW. Soon it will be the first market for Mirai, the first FCV to be offered for sale to consumers and Toyota’s first step into a long-awaited hydrogen future. Driving the Mirai past competitor FCVs and refueling at a station that pumps hydrogen extracted from local sewage, it becomes clear that the first steps towards Toyota’s vision of a “hydrogen society” have already been made in sun-soaked Orange County.

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Big spender Volkswagen pours money into its hunt for #1 Toyota

Jay Leno testet den neuen Volkswagen Beetle

Stepping up the pace in its quest for world domination, Volkswagen will pour €85.6 billion ($106 billion) into “new models, technologies and production facilities in the coming five years,” the Wolfsburg carmaker said today in a press release. VW also made no bones of its objective “to become the leading automotive group in both ecological and economic terms.”

Volkswagen announced years ago its intention to become the world’s largest, greenest, and most profitable carmaker by 2018. The world’s largest already is within reach, also because world leader Toyota stubbornly refuses to grow. In a strategy completely opposed to that of VW, Toyota has announced again and again that it won’t build new car factories until 2016 at least. [Continue Reading]

Cadillac chief de Nysschen evades arrest for hot ass remark


Yesterday, Cadillac-chief Johan de Nysschen promised to double the brand’s sales and models by 2020, he raised the possibility of a $250,000 halo-Caddy (HC10?), he presented the Cadillac ATS-V without a tie, as if it’s post-Fukushima cool biz in Yokohama, and OMG, he even “wants Cadillac to report its earnings and losses separately from General Motors.” As if this is not making enough headlines, he also revealed that he, by a hair’s breadth, evaded arrest for making comments on a lady’s hot ass. His words.

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Friday morning car news roundup, November 21, 2014


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Toyota’s Mirai Brings Hydrogen Technology Back Into Focus

Toyota Mirai Press Briefing Tokyo - 22 - Picture Bertel Schmitt-640

For more than 30 years, a joke has circulated in automotive circles that hydrogen fuel cells are the future of the car... and always will be. Nearly every automaker has flirted with the technology at some point since the 1980s, either in their … [Continue reading]

Thursday morning car news roundup, November 20, 2014


Arizona sues General Motors, says it hid safety defects - Reuters: Arizona State filed a lawsuit against General Motors Co , claiming the carmaker put the public at risk by concealing safety defects to avoid the cost of recalls. Fiat Chrysler … [Continue reading]

The things I learned while not test driving the hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai

Mirai Test drive -2- Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

Having been in far too many nearly finished cars in a former life, I don’t get excited by test drives. Nevertheless, I always go when invited. While other journalists drive the car, I shoot the breeze with the engineers who make the car. It is … [Continue reading]

Wednesday morning car news roundup, November 19, 2014


CHINA: VW needs more capacity to keep pace - Just-auto: Volkswagen Group has said it will expand its vehicle assembly operations in China further than expected to keep pace with continuous growth in the Chinese market. Ford Continues … [Continue reading]