Tuesday morning car news roundup, September 16, 2014

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No news today …

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As you read this, I am winging my way from Tokyo to the West Coast for our traditional twice-yearly Daily Kanban Konference with Ed Niedermeyer, and the delicacies of the Portland food cart community.

Service could remain spotty throughout the week, but we will try! Please peruse the Daly Kanban Newsbot during the airline-induced outage.

Friday morning car news roundup, September 12, 2014



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Thursday morning car news roundup, September 11, 2014


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Wednesday morning car news roundup, September 10, 2014


Subaru boosts 2014 U.S. sales forecast to 500,000 vehicles - Automotive News: Subaru of America, expecting to sustain strong growth in the United States, has boosted its forecast for sales this year to 500,000. Last year's total of 424,683 marked the … [Continue reading]

Infiniti gets daredevil CEO, Asia remains in focus

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Nissan did not lose much time plugging the holes left by the sudden departures of Infiniti-chief Johan de Nysschen and Infiniti chairman Andy Palmer. Nissan hired BMW’s sales chief for Germany, Roland Krüger, and will dispatch him to Nissan's Hong … [Continue reading]

Tuesday morning car news roundup, September 9, 2014


Bill Ford Supports Autonomous Cars, Trains in Megacities - Wards: A conundrum: Isn’t Ford in the business of selling as many cars and trucks as possible? “I think any business only exists to make people’s lives better, period,” Ford says. “Shoving … [Continue reading]

Monday morning car news roundup, September 8, 2014


RUSSIA: Volkswagen lowers Kaluga production target - Just-auto: Due to falling real wages and a weakening rouble, Volkswagen plans to reduce production at its plant in Kaluga, Russia. Texas governor says lower tax, regulatory hurdles lure companies … [Continue reading]

From The Boneyard

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For more than ten years, every word a certain top executive of Volkswagen uttered in public was pure BS. I wrote his speeches. I wrote articles under his name. I even ghostwrote a book for him. I studied his mannerisms, his way of thinking and talking. He slowly but surely slipped into the role for which I wrote the script. He’s retired now, but still is a sought-after speaker on the conference circuit.

He liked to live and work on the edge, and I gladly walked him there. We had a strange symbiotic relationship. His trust in me bordered on the obscene. Even before major strategy announcements, his brief for the speech usually amounted to: “You know what to write.” He rarely did read the speech before giving it. He always delivered it with great aplomb and usually to thundering applause. I could put practically any word into his mouth. Power that had to be used wisely. [Continue Reading]

After a 40 year hiatus, spent doing propaganda in the automotive industry around the world, Bertel returns as a journalist and to the roots of his initials. His wife is a late model Japanese Import.

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