Friday morning car news roundup, March 06, 2015

Today is Friday

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Elon Musk is flattered in China

Elon made me do it!

Elon made me do it!

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then China must be the world’s largest congregation of unrepentant sycophants. According to an old Chinese custom, deep admiration is shown through rapid replication. Tesla’s Model S has seen flagging sales in recent times, but it is still much revered. A small Chinese car company, Aoxin New Energy, is giving Tesla the mandatory face, by admiring it, China style. [Continue Reading]

This man is the less obvious (but possibly most important) side of Toyota’s diversity drive

Mitsuru Kawai, no college

Mitsuru Kawai, no college

The end of the Japanese fiscal year is nearing, and Toyota watchers would not be surprised by a few high level management changes at this time of the year. Perplexing more than a few, Toyota announced the mother of all management changes today. On eleven pages, Toyota described the shockwaves of a major management shakeup. Apart from the obvious, the revirement most likely is the precursor of a large restructuring, with Toyota’s TNGA at the core, and very likely, some of it will be announced at or before the annual results conference in May. Let’s look at the obvious and not so obvious. [Continue Reading]

Wednesday morning car news roundup, March 4, 2015

Today is Wednesday

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Tuesday morning car news roundup, March 3, 2015

Tuesday - Picture courtesy

DS launched as stand-alone brand at Geneva motor show - Autocar: The current range of Citroen DS models will slowly morph into a stand-alone DS range, as the brand formally splits from its parent BMW, Mercedes Sales Rise in February -Executives - … [Continue reading]

Annual warning: Don’t read too much into Chinese numbers this time of the year


Statistics for February new car sales in China are dribbling out, and they are bad. They are supposed to be bad. In February, all of China was (I am looking at you, Elon Musk) truly on vacation, most dealerships were closed for weeks, while people … [Continue reading]

Chrysler Is Still Waiting For Its Quality Turnaround

Who's laughing now?

In 2009, when Sergio Marchionne's team presented the first five-year plan for what would become Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), his VP for Quality Doug Betts told attendees that Chrysler's quality problems would soon be a thing of the past. Thanks … [Continue reading]

Monday morning car news roundup, March 2, 2015

monday picture courtesy

MEXICO: No agreement with Brazil on new auto pact - Just-auto: After two days of negotiations, Mexico and Brazil still had not reached an agreement on an auto pact and will continue discussions in the second week of March, the Mexican government … [Continue reading]