Ultrafast-Charging Solid-State EV Batteries Around The Corner, Toyota Confirms

Five years ago, Takeshi Uchiyamada was not yet chairman of Toyota, and I was still at Thetruthaboutcars. I went to a Toyota event in Tokyo, where Uchiyamada-san mentioned the possibility of a breakthrough solid-state battery. He had a small specimen of the battery, and it even powered a vehicle – a skateboard. I was told then it could take a decade before the solid-state battery powers a car, because that’s how long battery breakthroughs take to travel the distance from research lab to road. Half of the decade is past, and that timing still holds. In another five years, and if a report in a Japanese newspaper is to be believed, Toyota will have the key technology for wide-spread  adoption of battery-electric vehicles: Solid-state batteries with twice the range of today’s EVs, while charging only in minutes.

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German Car Cartel Triggers Rat-Out-Race Between Daimler, Volkswagen And BMW

One of the aims of the German car-cartel that became public over the weekend was to avoid “an arms race” of AdBlue tank sizes. Strangely, it turned into a race for who rats out whom first. According to a report in the usually well-informed Sueddeustche Zeitung [German], Daimler was first in coming clean with Germany’s and Europe’s cartel watchdogs, and it could avoid a multi-billion fine. Volkswagen came in second, and could get a 50% rebate on the punishment. BMW, one of the least suspicious in the dieselgate scandal, is kept holding the bag.

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First The Cartel, Now The Rebellion: Labor Leaders And Managers Demand Heads At VW

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Dieselgate Product Of Vast VW-BMW-Daimler Car Cartel Conspiracy, Fresh Report Says

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