Women to the front: Nissan practices the diversity others preach

Ghosn and diversity - Picture courtesy Bertel Schmitt

“Nissan counts more on female members than the rest of the industry,” Nissan/Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn said today in front of 260 new female team members, assembled at Nissan’s headquarters n Yokohama. They are the vanguard of a wave of women to become the faces of Nissan dealers across Japan. [Continue Reading]

Friday morning car news roundup, October 24, 2014


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Toyota’s LatAm Chief confirms Toyota mantra: Make cars, not plants

St. Angelo in Tokyo

St. Angelo in Tokyo

Steve St. Angelo, jefe of Toyota’s Latin American operations, poured more cold water on widely reported, and then strongly discounted news of building a plant in Mexico. Lunching with a small group of reporters at Toyota’s swank Kioi Club yesterday, he said that as much as he would like more capacity in South America, a plant in Mexico is “far from an approved project.” [Continue Reading]

Toyota’s LFA Works brought out of mothballs to make RC F carbon fiber parts

Lexus RC F, JDM spec

Lexus RC F, JDM spec

Lexus launched the stylish RC and its performant brother, the RC F onto the U.S. market a while ago. Today, it came home to Japan. Compared to the lavish U.S. festivities, the Japanese “reveal” was a low=-key affair: A red RC 300h,and a blue RC F were put in the lobby of Toyota’s Tokyo HQ, a few speeches, a photo-op, arigatou gozaimas, that was it. Actually, it was a teeny bit more festive than the usual extremely frugal JDM launches. [Continue Reading]

Thursday morning car news roundup, October 23, 2014


  GM posts $1.38 billion Q3 net income on flat revenue - Automotive News: General Motors' third-quarter net income rose to $1.38 billion, as stronger pricing in North America and record China sales helped offset weak demand in Russia and … [Continue reading]

Who’s Afraid Of Direct Sales?

This is how you don't change a business... (courtesy: Opensecrets.org)

In my most recent post at Bloomberg View, I draw a connection between Michigan's new law blocking Tesla's direct-sales model and the interests of the automakers based there. General Motors has taken the lead among Michigan's automakers in opposing … [Continue reading]

Manager Magazin: Tesla to be disrupted by Mercedes, Porsche, and Audi

Batteries included - Picture courtesy motortrend.com

The Tesla stock has been – until September – a Wall Street darling, never mind that S&P had taken a decidedly contrarian view by slapping Tesla’s debt with a junk rating. When S&P did that, the rating agency figured “that the company is less … [Continue reading]

Daimler isn’t the only high-profile investor that has lightened-up on TSLA stock

Dear God, stop the selling

Yesterday’s news that Daimler sold its 4 percent stake in Tesla weighed on the already beaten down stock of the electric carmaker. Daimler on the other hand is all smiles, having turned a $50 million initial investment into a cash flow of $780 … [Continue reading]