German BEV sales, 2/24: It’s a tragedy

By a hair, Tesla could have been Germany’s largest BEV maker last month. Would they have squeezed only a paltry 500 units more into the German market, Tesla would have outsold Germany’s juggernaut, the entire Volkswagen Group in terms of BEVs. Which demonstrates the tragedy of charts and statistics.

The tragedy is that German’s formerly high-flying BEV market contracted by 15% in February, taking its market leaders with it into the abyss. Registrations of Tesla cars shrank 21.7% compared to February 2023. Sales of #1 Volkswagen Group withered by nearly 29%.

The reason?

Germany’s formerly generous BEV-subsidies were yanked by the country’s highest courts

Germans desert en-masse to hybrids and plug-in hybrids. In February, hybrids out-sold BEVs more than 2:1. Sales of plug-in hybrids increased by 22.3% yoy.

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