Tuesday Morning Auto News, Jan 22, 2019


Cleantechnica playing dirty: Read story, catch malware

Get the latest dirt from Cleantechnica


Today, I  checked on Cleantechnica’s  weekly “Pravduh” report, where they list and rank undesirable journalists by their degree of (in Cleantechnica’s view) negative coverage of Californian carmaker Tesla. Be careful when clicking on the link above, because you may (or may not) run into the problem I encountered.

I spent about a minute or so reading Cleantechnica’s complaints that a mainstream media with the “short-term memory of a goldfish” decided on covering Tesla’s firing of 7% of its workforce, instead of reporting more important news, such as “Tesla unveils wall outlet charging station.” I was just about to check Cleantechnica’s leaderboard of  (in their view) most repulsive journos (this week, Jim Collins of Forbes is way ahead of Liam Denning of Bloomberg and Nicolas Vega of the New York Post in Cleantechnica-measured disgustingness)  when, BAMM, a warning sounded, and a nasty screen interrupted my reading. [Continue Reading]