Friday Morning Auto News, Dec 01, 2023: Tesla Launches Cybertruck Into Sea of Pessimism. GM says EVs won’t be losing money for long. Yaccarino addresses Musk’s ‘go f—- yourself’. More

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Thursday Morning Auto News, Nov 30, 2023: Musk to advertisers: “Go fuck yourself.” UAW launches union campaigns at Tesla, 12 others. EU auto lobby asks for “kei” cars. Musk won’t vote for Biden. More.

World’s Largest Automakers, October 2023: Anything but Tesla.

For most of the current millennium, analysts, journalists, influencers, and the socially networked have been announcing the impending death of the “legacy” automaker. The legacy automaker hasn’t received the memo. With two more months to go, the list of world’s largest automakers remains to be led by dinosaurs, while makers of cool new BEVs linger among the also-rans.

At the very top of the list is Toyota, a battery heretic that might end the year with 11 million units on the books.

2nd-ranked Volkswagen Group is keeping the pedal on the metal, to the tune of nearly 11% more units delivered worldwide than in October of last year. With any luck, Volkswagen will reach the 9 million mark this year.

3rd-placed Hyundai Group has slowed-down a bit. but maintains its robust momentum.


Wednesday Morning Auto News, Nov 29, 2023: Musk’s Cybertruck is already a production nightmare. GM’s Barra ‘disappointed’ in EV launches. Toyota Posts Record October Sales. Musk boosts Pizzagate. More.

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Tuesday Morning Auto News, Nov 28, 2023: GM to cut spending on Cruise. Union chief warns of Tesla threat to Sweden’s model. Elon Musk Wields Starlink in Israel to Curb Uproar Over Antisemitism. More.

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