Thursday Morning Auto News, May 28, 2020

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April a disaster for World’s Largest Automakers, #1 Toyota suffers the least

The virus hit global auto makers brutally hard in April. No OEM, no market was spared. Global deliveries by all brands were nearly cut in half. In India, and in 30 other countries of the world, not a single car was reported as registered in April. Former volume markets like Italy and France were down 97% and 88% respectively. Year-to-date, global total industry volume is down nearly 30%.

Yet, one OEM continues to be more resilient than its peers, and that is Toyota Group. Down “only” 21.8% YOY in the first four months, Toyota extended its lead over #2 Volkswagen, which suffered a 28.6% reduction in the same period. With one third of the year behind us, Toyota leads Volkswagen by some 365,000 units. Catching up will prove quite tough for VW.

April was grim for world’s leading automakers, with the virus eating more than half of their usual output.

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