GM no longer China’s largest carmaker

VW China - Picture courtesy

For long, GM proudly carried the title of China’s largest carmaker, some said it was undeservedly: Around half their sales come from low-cost  van maker Wuling, where  GM holds a minority interest. Deserved or not, GM lost the title. Perennial antagonist Volkswagen pulled past GM.

For the first nine months of the year,  Volkswagen reports 2.35 million units as sold in China. General Motors says that it sold 2,312,418 units in the same period. GM, which usually reports its China numbers in the first  days of the month, reported uncharacteristically late, on October 10. Volkswagen reported a day later.  Volkswagen is ahead by just a hair, and Chinese data are notoriously pliable. However, Volkswagen has momentum on its side: Volkswagen’s growth rate for the first nine months was 17.1 percent, while GM grew 11.1 percent.

The race should remain interesting for the last three months of the year, but the odds are on VW.