New diesel cheater to be exposed

Emission testing - Picture courtesy

Germany’s environmental organization Deutsche Umwelt Hilfe (DUH) is expected to expose another diesel cheater. Says DUH:

The organization scheduled a press conference for tomorrow, Tuesday, November 24  9:30  German time in Berlin. “After we  announced in October the up to 17 times higher NOx measurements using an Opel Zafira Diesel 1.6 CDTi, the DUH will present in tomorrow’s press conference  the results of more measurements using a Euro-6 Diesel car of another automaker.”

Last week, rumors in the automotive industry were that the “other automaker” may be Renault. We will know more tomorrow. As reported before, sources in Europe also said that DUH has findings on 10-15 cases, three of which are Opel cases. The sources may be wrong, or the findings did not make the legal check, or DUH is planning a water torture type slow reveal.

Present at the press conference will be Axel Friedrich, co-founder of ICCT,  a group  that became famous for alerting EPA and CARB after commissioning West Virginia University to test Volkswagen diesel car emissions. DUH is the German NGO that recently named GM’s Opel as a main suspect for organized diesel cheating. A week ago, Britain’s Leeds University published tests showing Opel/Vauxhall cars as “among the most polluting models on Britain’s roads.”  Friedrich, a former department head of Germany’s EPA-equivalent Deutsches Umweltamt, will be accompanied by a lawyer.

When DUH named Opel in October, the automaker resoundingly denied any shenanigans. The fact that the DUH mentions Opel again in the announcement of the presser indicates that DUH won’t back down.



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