Germany BEV monthly: BEV November sales crater, Tesla fares much worse

November is regarded the month of death in Germany, and it sure killed high hopes in ever rising BEV sales.  Registrations of battery-electric vehicles, as reported by Germany’s regulator KBA,  cratered a steep 22.5% YoY in the month. Registrations of all passenger vehicles dropped only 5.7%.  BEV registrations had crashed in September after subsidies of electric business vehicles expired, but they recovered in October. The steep drop in November BEV registrations may have other reasons: Registrations of gasoline-powered passenger vehicles rose 12.5% in the month. Is the bloom off the BEV rose?

We’ve all heard lately that Volkswagen Group has trouble selling its BEVs, and that Tesla is trouncing everybody. The numbers tell a different story, at least at home in Germany.  In the BEV-death month of November, Tesla registrations in Germany dropped a whopping 54.5%, as Volkswagen Group, down only 11.6%, outperformed the market.

January through November, Volkswagen Group could increase its German BEV registrations by a stout 41%, while Tela increased its German registrations by a scant 13.7%.  11 months into the year, Volkswagen Group holds 28.2% of the German BEV market, Tesla has only a 12.7 share to its name. Exponential growth it ain’t.

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