World’s Largest Automakers: Fans of Musk, get in touch with reality.

We interrupt our Christmas holidays for some statistics. Fans of Musk predict with ever-increasing shrillness the imminent demise of the “legacy” automakers. If the legacy automakers would just listen. Look at the chart, showing the global sales of the world’s largest automakers for the months of January through November 2923. The chart either attests to the health of the “legacy” OEM, or it signals that fans of Musk need to have a few sessions with their psychiatrist – up to you.

The future of the automobile is electric, fans of Musk are convinced. The stats say otherwise. The list of world’s largest OEMs is led by the Toyota Group, an obstinate battery skeptic. Toyota Group has pierced the 10 million unit threshold, and there is one more month left on the calendar (Japanese OEMs report by the end of the following month, VW reports at the middle. Hyundai Group reports early in the month.)  What’s powering Toyota’s stats are strong sales of hybrid vehicles, which goes completely against the pure teachings of Elon Musk.

Volkswagen is in trouble, at least according to the media, even according to Volkswagen’s board. What trouble? Global group sales are up nearly 12% year-to-date. The only concern: The company is spending too much money, something it vowed to rectify.

Hyundai Group, #3 on the podium, is the most dynamic. The Koreans are up nearly 17% YOY.

Bottom line: Fans of Musk, lay off the Ketamine, or whatever drugs you may be on.

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