Trump’s present to Toyota: A yuge net profit

Kobayashi (c) explains it to the reporters. (c) Bertel Schmitt

I think it’s better we keep this a secret, and don’t let President Trump hear that he made a big present to an unlikely recipient: Toyota, a company that used to receive a lot of hate from The Donald. [Continue Reading]

Tuesday Morning Auto News, Feb 06, 2018

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Monday Morning Auto News, Feb 05, 2018

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Friday Morning Auto News, Feb 02, 2018

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“Grade the Analysts” resurrected – Joseph Spak leads the pack

“Grade the Analysts” was a favorite monthly story during my intermezzo at Well, at least, it was a favorite of the analysts that competed for who has the sharpest crystal ball  in predicting car sales. There even was occasional drama and intrigue. No wonder: Knowing the consistently right-on analyst can mean real money when betting on the economy.

Now at the Dailykanban, Grade the Analysts is being resurrected. My former Tokyo cohort Craig Trudell volunteered to supply Bloomberg data (domo arigatou!) and I crunch them against sales and SAAR reports supplied by Motorintelligence.

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Who’s hogging the news?

Source: Dailykanban proprietary

Alex Roi once said (Google was no help, can’t find the link) that is feels like Tesla hogs half of the headlines. As it turns out, it is not quite as much, but close. In the news, one of the world’s smallest automakers definitely dwarfs the big ones in headline power.

In an attempt to get a numerical handle on the matter, I queried the Dailykanban Newsbot database. Our proprietary Newsbot searches the web for stories related to the auto industry, and it does it 24/7. It does not search chatrooms, Twitter et al. It counts only what Google deems as news. One unique URL counts as one mention. The Newsbot still is a bit young and clumsy, it does not factor the reach of a story. For this exercise, a link in Reuters counts as much as a link in the Owyhee Avalanche  (none so far).

As far as car groups are concerned, a headline for Fiat or Dodge increases the FCA count. Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi all add to the Alliance, and so forth. Musk, SpaceX etc. go into the Tesla column.

I ran the totals of the past 7 days, since January 25. English language only. [Continue Reading]

Thursday Morning Auto News, Feb 01, 2018

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Wednesday Morning Auto News, Jan 31, 2018

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