Wednesday Morning Auto News, Jul 04, 2018


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Tuesday Morning Auto News, Jul 03, 2018

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Monday Morning Auto News, Jul 02, 2018

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Taking a break

The Schmitto-sans have accumulated years of vacation days, and Dailykanban HR has told us to take then now, or else. Therefor, we will bounce around Asia for the month of July.

I will try to do the daily news as often as I can, but it might not be daily. I will; not cover any evens, so no reports of events.

Will be back July 30.

Join Ed and Bertel on a round-the-world tour of the world’s best car plants.

A week or so ago on Twitter, when it became evident again that most of the world and most of the media have no idea of what work goes into a car plant, I said I would organize a tour around the world to visit the world’s best car plants. There was a huge echo, and now we, that’s Ed Niedermeyer and I,  have to do it.

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Friday Morning Auto News, Jun 29, 2018

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Thursday Morning Auto News, Jun 28, 2018

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World’s Largest Automakers May 2018: VW extending its lead – slightly

The battle for World’s Largest Automaker 2018 turns more and more into a bitter fight between Volkswagen Group and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. Five months into the year, VW managed to extend its lead ever so slightly, with only 45,000 units separating the Germans from the French-Japanese nipping at their heels.

Former ichi ban Toyota apparently has decided to sit back and relax. Toyota Group’s worldwide production basically is the same it was January to May 2017. [Continue Reading]