Tokyo Auto Salon: Big Beautiful Benz

It's big.

It’s big.

Mercedes has rented a monstrous booth at the Auto Salon. This being a tuner show, the booth is mostly dedicated to Daimler’s in-house tuner AMG. The booth rivals in size that of neighboring Honda, and that’s an indigenous car company. According to the Japan Automobile Importers Association JAIA, Mercedes is the second-best-selling imported car brand, with 53,731 units sold in Japan in 2013.  That’s eleven times the sales of the best-selling U.S. brand in Japan, Jeep.  Which proves that with a little will and marketing, imports can be sold in Japan. [Continue Reading]

Mercedes C-Class kills young Hitler in viral video, Daimler not amused

Young Hitler

Daimler is (publicly) outraged about a viral video that shows its product in a positive light.  In the clip, a new C-Class Mercedes kills a young Adolf Hitler. [Continue Reading]